A TOP HOLIDAY surrounded by the charms of Denmark.
On this moment you are at the homepage of one of the most various holiday addresses in Denmark. Beyond your feet lies an open possibillity to enjoy a top holiday, surrouded by the charms of Denmark.
It does not matter what interest you will have, we are convinced there are open possibilities for you!
For the more active holiday guest, we offer complete tailor-made holiday, like:


  • Golf holidays
  • Bicycle holidays
  • Sea Kayak holidays
  • Motorcycle holidays

Or maybe more relaxed:


  • Painting holidays
  • Fishing at See
  • Trout fishing
  • Rainbow Trout fishing
  • Culture Denmark, with museum visits and village live

All out holiday packages will have the charms of Denmark in there shadows. And you may believe us, you will not be dissappointed!

More information regarding our complete holiday packages you will find elsewhere within our site




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