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The conditions that are showed here are connected to the website of Hotel-Pension Sirius by using it. Every visitor agrees the condition by using the website. The website visitor agrees fermely to read the conditions every time he or she is using it, for knowing the actuallity of the conditions. All information, like text, pictures and so on, are just showen for information.
Hotel-Pension Sirius can not by responsible for incorrect information in the information about others that can showen in the site. There wil never be given financial compensation.
Intallectual property and copyrights
Every user or visitor to this site agrees that text, grafics and fotos are protected an have intelectual propertyrights to Hotel-Pension Sirius. Copying of complete or partwise parts of the site, changings or use for commercial perpouse is strickly forhibbeted without written useagrements of Hotel-Pension Sirius. Evenso it is strickly forhibbeted to use the information in electronic ways for sending or saving of it. Only acceptation is that it happens automaticly in a cache of the browser.

By every visit at this website your information wil be saved at the websever. Hotel-Pension Sirius, uses only standard log files. Only the basic information wil be used. By using this files we wil see witch part of the website you have been visiting and wil be used for changing part of the site for your own interest. It will also be used for locate demografic information. Hotel-Pension Sirius will not make any analises from IP adresses.

Using of filed information
Hotel-Pension Sirius uses the information for here newletters and information that wil be send to you mailadress. Every time you recieve any of them, it wil be possible to shutdown the services of Hotel-Pension Sirius, by sending a mailrespons. Hotel-Pension sirius will never give there own information to others.

It can be possible that the website wil have links to other site. Hotel-Pension Sirius has no responsibillities for other websites they are connected to or have possibillities to visit them. We advice the visitor-user to read the conditions and privacy statements of the websites that are connected to oru website.

Chanches mad in our website
Hotel-Pension Sirius, has the freedom to change this disclaimer all times.


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